Thank you for supporting the new Members arriving in Okinawa.

MBC is the on-base Internet & Cable TV provider to all US military installations on Okinawa.

All on-base residences (family housing, barracks, dorms & TLF) are pre-wired for MBC service. All Members receive free cable TV delivery of American Forces Network (AFN) programming.

A Member who wants MBC services MUST contact MBC directly to establish their account.

Sponsors are asked to:

1. Direct the Member to the Newcomers PCS Information Page here.

2. Encourage the Member to sign up online or CALL MBC to establish their MBC account and authorize their Sponsor to pick up their MBC issued equipment upon their arrival. **IF THE MEMBER DOES NOT HAVE A HOUSING ASSIGNMENT, they can NOT sign up online. If the Member is unable to call MBC or sign up online, we ask that the Sponsor contact us for further instructions.

3. The Sponsor visits any MBC office and collects the MBC issued equipment. If the Member did not provide the housing information at the time of sign-up, the Sponsor will provide it.

4. The Sponsor delivers the MBC equipment to the Member at their on-base residence.

5. The Member completes the self-installation and activation of their services.



Sponsors supporting Members arriving in Okinawa NOT subject to ROM:

1. Direct the Member to the Newcomers PCS Information Page here.

2. Upon arrival, tell the Member to sign up online here or take the Member to any MBC office so the Member can establish their MBC Internet and cable TV account. Click here for office hours and locations.

3. MBC issues the Member the equipment for their services.

4. The Member returns home and follows the simple self-installation process to activate their services at their on-base residence.




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