HD Set-Top Box Rescan


View PDF: HD Set Top Box Rescan

1. Select the MENU button on your remote to bring up the Main Menu.

2. Hit the “OK” button to select the Channel Manager Menu.

3. Hit the “OK” button to select the “Channel Search” option. When prompted, enter ‘0000’ as your password.

4. Select NIT Search. Once you’re in this menu, make sure your settings are configured correctly:
a. Frequency: 393000KHz
b. Symbol Rate: 5057Ksps
c. Modulation: 256 QAM
d. Make sure the “Signal” and “Quality” bars are at a minimum of 70%.

5. The channel scan should take 5 – 10 minutes. If you have trouble with your rescan, please contact our Help Desk at 03-6868-2345.

6. Once the search is complete, hit “QUIT” to exit and return to programming.