Changing your Channel Selection

The Hitron Wireless Modem has a factory pre-set configuration to automatically select the best 2.4G or 5G channel for WiFi services. Some devices (particularly Apple and Nintendo) may not support all of the channels used by the Hitron Wireless Modem. Please follow these instructions to change your 2.4G or 5G channel selection.

  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. Enter as the URL.
  3. A logon screen for the Hitron Modem will be displayed.
    Username: cusadmin
    Password: password (unless changed by user)
  4. Select ‘Wireless’ from the top navigation.
  5. Select ‘2.4G’ or ‘5G’ under the ‘Basic Settings’ Tab.
  6. Locate the Wireless Channel Feature.
  7. Select a specific channel. Most devices support channels 36, 40, 44 or 48.
  8. Select SAVE Changes.
  9. Open your wireless network connections on all wireless devices and confirm that the ‘2.4G’ or ‘5G’ labeled network is displayed. If the labeled network does not appear, repeat steps 7-8 until the network appears on all connected devices.