People are using their home Internet connection for work, education, and entertainment more than ever before. MBC has compiled some industry best practices that customers can use to can proactively manage their Internet experience.



Click here to see our top 5 tips for managing your Internet experience!

Network Configuration Tips

Modem / Router Location. Make sure your modem / router is installed in a centrally-located room in your residence. This should be the room with the most internet activity. The modem / router should be located on a desktop, counter or shelf with good ventilation. The modem should not be on the ground, in a corner, or behind other objects.

Router / Equipment Limitations. Third-party equipment can have limiting factors that will affect your speeds. Many customers may find that their equipment has a 100Mbps Network Interface Card. If this is the case, the customer can only see 100Mbps of throughput for that device. Other customers connecting with wireless devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.) may only see speed test results of 500Mbps – 600Mbps.

Weak WiFi Signals. If you live in family housing and the reach of your wireless signal can’t penetrate all locations of your concrete / steel reinforced home, then contact us about a Whole Home WiFi solution. Click here to learn more.

Directly Connect Devices. Use a wired internet connection from your modem / router to directly connect all possible devices. Smart TVs, streaming devices and gaming consoles usually have ethernet ports. Connecting these devices directly will reduce the traffic on your wireless network.

2.4G vs. 5G Networks. Differentiate between your 2.4G and 5G network. 2.4G supports greater distance, while 5G will provide faster speeds. Experiment between each wireless network to determine which works best with your devices.

Security and Usage. Make sure your wireless network is secure and password protected. Turn off wireless devices that you aren’t using.

Disable VPNs. VPNs dramatically reduce internet speeds, and their use should be avoided. If a VPN is being used, turn it off when it is not needed. MBC customers do not need a VPN to access US content for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+.

Contact Us. If you have an issue that is not alleviated by following the tips listed above, please Contact Us. We will troubleshoot with you over the phone to resolve your issue. If we can’t fix your problem, we will schedule a Technician to visit your residence.

Network Utilization Tips

Disable Automatic Updates. Turn off automatic updates, especially for gaming systems. These updates can be very large files. Manually start your updates to run overnight or in the morning when network utilization is lower.

File Uploads / Downloads. Avoid large file download / uploads during peak hours of the day. Schedule these to happen overnight or in the morning when network utilization is lower.

Track Your Data Usage. Customers can track their data consumption by clicking here.

Stream Netflix. MBC has US Netflix caching servers installed on its network. This means that most of the Netflix content you are watching is coming from our caching servers and not across the Internet.

Be Proactive. If you are getting the ‘spinning wheel of love’ on your device, pay attention to the time of day, the number of connected users on your network, any high use activities and see if there is anything you can change to enhance your experience. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many devices are connected wirelessly or wired?
  2. Can I watch my content across a wired device?
  3. If wireless is the only option, are you using the 2.4G or 5G network?
  4. How many activities are occurring simultaneously? Can one or more activity be done at another time?

We hope these tips help you to get the most out of your MBC Internet service. Most MBC customers do not experience any service-related issues. If you need assistance with your service, please Contact Us. Our trained customer service representatives will work with you by phone to diagnose and resolve your issue. If we can’t fix it remotely, we will scheduled a service technician to come to your residence.

Thank you for being a valued MBC customer.