HD Military Tier


MBC has upgraded Military Tier to HD quality for FREE!


What is the Military Tier?

19 cable TV channels including American Forces Network (8), Japanese Broadcast (5) and local & commander information (6).  Any TV on-base (at home or at work) directly connected via a coaxial cable to the MBC network can receive the Military Tier for FREE!

What Changed?

MBC is upgraded its FREE delivery of the Military Tier from analog to clear QAM MPEG-4 HD.  Most modern TVs are MPEG-4 compatible.  Viewers should NOT need any special equipment if they have a television purchased in the last few years.

How do I conduct a CHANNEL SCAN on my TV?

Conduct a coaxial cable from any active MBC outlet in your home to the back of your TV. To perform a channel scan, search through your TV menu or settings until you find “channel scan”, “rescan”, “search”, “tune”, etc.  Every TV is different.  If you need help, Google search to get the instructions for your TV.

AFTER the scan, I can see & hear channels 2-20. What do I need to do next?

That’s GREAT news! No further action is needed. Enjoy Military Tier programming in HD!

After the scan, I CANNOT see or hear channels 2-9. What do I need to do?

Your TV may not be too OLD to receive MPEG-4 HD signals.  Double check that you have conducted your scan properly.  If have a flat panel TV purchased in the last few years, it SHOULD work.  If you are sure that your TV is too OLD, here are some options so you can continue to view the HD Military Tier:

  1. Purchase a new TV. Be sure your new TV has a coaxial connection and an MPEG-4 QAM tuner.
  2. Purchase an MPEG-4 QAM Set Top Box from an online retailer like Amazon.

Please contact us if you have any questions.