Cable TV FAQs

What is HD Military Tier

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HD Military Tier is a nineteen (19) channel HD cable TV service that is provided by MBC at no
cost to all MBC serviceable locations on all installations. The service includes eight (8) channels of AFNHD, five (5) Japanese HD channels, and six (6) locally originated Command & Information channels.

Any TV on-base (at home or a work) directly connected via a coaxial cable to an active outlet on the MBC network can receive the HD Military Tier for FREE.

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How to Conduct a TV Channel Scan

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Connect an MBC provided coaxial cable from any active MBC outlet in your home or office to the back of your TV.

Search your TV menu or settings to find the ‘channel scan’, ‘rescan’, or ‘tune’ instructions. Since every TV is different, you may need to Google search the specific instructions for your TV.

After completing the scan, select the TV input for your TV and then tune to channels 2-20 to view the HD Military Tier.

A list of HD Military Tier services can be found HERE

Problems Viewing Channels 2 – 9

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AFNHD signals (channels 2-9) are transmitted in clear QAM MPEG-4. Most modern TVs are MPEG-4 compatible.

If you cannot hear or see some or all of the HD Military Tier services (especially AFN HD channels 2-9), then your TV may be too old to receive MPEG-4 HD signals.

Confirm the following:

  1. Your TV supports MPEG-4 audio and video
  2. You are properly connected to an active MBC outlet
  3. You have properly conducted your TV channel scan
  4. Your TV is tuned to the correct input

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