Camp McTureous

Mediatti Broadband Communications (MBC) is the on-base High-Speed Internet and HD Cable TV provider for all U.S. military installations in Okinawa, Japan including Camp McTureous.

MBC offers the fastest Internet ON ALL bases in Okinawa.  MBC offers five residential Internet services including MultiGig Internet with Unlimited Data, using private, secure, wired, and wireless cable modems.  ALL MBC Internet services are available in ALL locations on ALL bases

MBC is the on-base distributor for American Forces Network (AFN) programming, delivering top American television in HD.  AFN HD is available for FREE as part of the HD Military Tier of cable TV programming available to ALL on-base locations including Camp McTureous.

Getting MBC service is SIMPLE, FAST, and EASY.

To establish and activate SAME-DAY service click HERE.

Family Housing

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If you are living in a Family Housing unit on Camp McTureous, it’s EASY to get MBC High-Speed Internet & HD Cable TV services!  Every housing location across all installations in Okinawa, including all locations on Camp McTureous, are pre-wired and ready for activation using MBC issued equipment.

Account Activation

Establishing MBC service is EASY.  You can sign up online through our secure portal, in person at any MBC on-base office or by phone. Click HERE to activate service online.  For office locations, hours of operation or to reach us by phone, click HERE.


Installing your MBC issued cable modem and getting connected to the Internet is EASY.  Because every Family Housing unit on Camp McTureous is pre-wired with active MBC service, Family housing residents can get SAME-DAY Internet activation by completing a FAST and EASY FREE self-installation of an MBC issued Internet modem.  Family housing customers can pick up their modem at any MBC on-base office.  If you can’t get to an office to pick up your modem, you can request a home delivery of your modem and self-installation kit.  As soon as you connect the modem to our network, you are active.  If you prefer an assisted installation by one of our trained technicians, then we are glad to come to your residence and set up your MBC services for you.


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MBC is proud to offer MultiGig Broadband Internet available in ALL locations across all Installations in Okinawa including Camp MCTureous!  As its name infers, MultiGig Internet is an Internet service with download speeds greater than 1Gbps.  MultiGig Internet provides a bigger and faster MBC connection to the Internet so you can do more fast things across more simultaneously connected fast devices.

While many computers, gaming stations, smart phones, tablets, and other consumer devices may not have wired or wireless network interface cards to support speeds in excess of 1Gbps, a MultiGig connection allows you to maximize the full capability of all of your connected devices.

While operating systems, web browsers, processors, memory, hard drive type and space are important, the most critical component to getting the most from an Internet connection is the Network Interface Card that resides in a connected device.  You may find that your computer only has a 100Mbps Network Interface Card. If this is the case, you can only see 100Mbps of throughput for that device. If you are connecting wireless devices (tablets, smart phones, gaming stations, streaming devices, etc.), you may only see maximum wireless speed test results of 500Mbps – 600Mbps.  This is a limitation of the wireless spectrum available.  But that’s all OK. MultiGig Internet service allows you to add up all of those fast wired and wireless connections and maximize your total Internet experience.

MultiGig Internet is not necessarily about the delivery of MultiGig to any one device because there are few, if any, true MultiGig single use applications. MultiGig Internet is about the delivery of the largest possible pipe to support as many connected devices for as many heavy use activities that you may want to run.

MultiGig Internet is for MBC customers who demand the FASTEST connection available ON ALL Bases!

Why MBC?

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MBC does not limit the number of devices you can have on your network. PLUS, the MBC network is a private and secure network.  MBC does not operate an ‘airport’ or public WiFi system accessed by hundreds of other users you don’t know. At MBC, you create your own network name and password to access your secure and private wired and wireless connections.


U.S. streaming content isn’t always available outside of the United States.   However, MBC has worked with the largest streaming service providers including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV & more to clear our IP addresses to allow you access to U.S. streaming content! If you have a subscription with one of the MBC cleared streaming services, then you can connect using your U.S. account while connected to MBC.  No VPN required!


Need a fast, reliable connection for gaming? The MBC network is a high-speed, low-latency reliable connection for all of your gaming needs. Our modems support multiple fast ethernet ports, allowing multiple PCs or Consoles to directly connect to your network. Wireless may be OK for streaming and basic internet use, but a direct wired connection to an MBC modem is what gamers need!


The concrete, steel-reinforced walls in on-base Family Housing can make wireless coverage difficult. Using the coaxial cable wiring in your home, MBC’s Whole Home WiFi system extends WiFi coverage throughout your entire home using a single network name and password. The MBC Whole Home WiFi solution is a professionally installed MBC managed solution that makes being connected throughout your entire home FAST & EASY.  Click HERE to learn more.


MBC has NO contracts. That means you can start and stop MBC services at any time. In addition, if you will be leaving Okinawa for a short period of time (including TAD / TDY), you can request a suspension on your MBC account so you will not be billed for MBC services while you are gone.  You can suspend and request reactivation of your account through our EASY on-line subscriber portal.


At MBC the ONLY thing we do is provide High-Speed Internet and HD Cable TV and the ONLY customers we serve are active-duty personnel and their dependents who reside on-base in Okinawa.  Our team includes military dependents, retired military, and veterans.  At MBC, we know the challenges of being deployed in Okinawa and we make it EASY to be an MBC customer.  Visit us on-line, at one of our on-base offices or call us.  We are here to connect you to Family, Friends, Information and Entertainment through High-Speed Internet and HD Cable TV.


If you love watching live sports, news, movies and the best broadcast and cable entertainment for FREE, then you need the MBC HD Military Tier.  HD Military Tier is a package of cable TV channels including eight (8) AFN HD channels (including sports, news, movies, and more), five (5) HD Japanese broadcasting, and six (6) locally originated command and information channels. CONTACT US to learn how you can get AFN HD for FREE in your residence.