Suspension of Services

Are you going TAD/TDY or planning an extended absence? At MBC, you can suspend the billing on your services for as little as two weeks and up to a maximum of 120 days. While you are away, you can leave all of your MBC issued equipment installed at your residence.

To suspend your MBC services:
1. Contact us before you leave and give us your departure date and estimated date for your return.
2. Confirm your email address on file.
3. Have a credit or debit card on file and be enrolled in AutoPay.

To re-activate your MBC services:
1. If your return date has not changed, you don’t need to do ANYTHING.
2. If your plans have changed, contact us (in person, by phone, email or open a ticket on-line) to update your reactivation date.
3. Your services will be active on the day you request!

Rules for suspension:
• MBC will only support a request for suspension if, during the period of suspension, no other person(s) will be occupying your residence (building and room number).
• If an account is on suspended status and a request for new service is made for the same residence, then MBC will disconnect the suspended account to honor the request for the new service. The suspended account will be disconnected and receive a final billing posted to the credit or debit card on file, including charges for non-recovered MBC equipment.
• You remain responsible for all MBC equipment issued to your account at all times.