This is the FAQ page. Below are some common questions

What is the MBC Mailing Address?

Kadena Air Base
Building 403, Unit 5265
APO, AP 96368-5265

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What is the MBC Billing process?

MBC bills its customers for services in advance. MBC bills are sent by email only. All customers must have a valid personal email address on file. MBC is not allowed to send individual customer bills to U.S. military email addresses. MBC processes billing each month such that you will receive your email statement from MBC prior to the 1st day of the month for which services are billed.

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When are bills due?

Bills are due on the 2nd day of each month.

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How are late fees applied & when is my account subject to disconnection?

On or about the 9th day of each month, MBC assesses a late fee and disables all of the equipment on any account with an unpaid balance. On or about the 15th day of each month, if the account is still not paid in full, MBC will disconnect all equipment on the account. Payment on or after the 15th day of the month will require payment of a reconnect fee, the previously assessed late fee, any unpaid charges and one month regular recurring fees in advance before services will be re-activated. MBC reserves the right to deny service to an account that has been disconnected for non-payment more than three times.

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Does MBC require a deposit for equipment issued?

No. MBC does not require customers to make any deposits to be issued cable modems or digital cable TV set top boxes. Customers are responsible for the MBC equipment while issued to them. Customers will be responsible for MBC equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged.

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How do I transfer my service to another building or room?

MBC understands that it is common in military-provided housing for customers to be required to relocate from one location to another. If you are relocating and want to transfer your MBC services, you must provide MBC advance notice of your change in physical address. MBC will transfer your MBC services at NO CHARGE to you as a customer as long as MBC has been given advance notice of the requested transfer. Notice can be provided to MBC in person, on the phone, by email or through our online ticketing system. Click on our contact us page for all details on how to notify us. Customers who relocate without providing updated information to MBC may be subject to interruptions in service and be subject to transfer fees.

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What do I do if I need to close my account?

If you decide to close your account with MBC, you must return all MBC issued equipment to any MBC office. Your monthly service fees will continue to be applied to your account until all equipment is returned to MBC. Prorated charges will be issued to your account effective the date of disconnection and a final payment will be collected either in person or by using the debit or credit card on file. If you have a credit balance after disconnection of your services, MBC will issue a refund to either the credit or debit card on file or by check. All credits are issued within thirty (30) days of the date of disconnection.

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Why can't I use my own modem?

MBC provides all wired cable internet modems to its customers for FREE.  MBC uses the latest in technology that is certified to work using MBC’s technology.  MBC does not support the use of customer-provided cable modems due to the various manufacturer models and the challenge associated with providing support to the various devices.  MBC provides all support and maintenance to all MBC provided modems.

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Can I purchase my MBC modem?

MBC customers must use MBC issued cable modems.  MBC offers wired and wireless modems.  MBC provides wired cable modems for FREE to its customers.  MBC offers wireless cable modems for a monthly lease fee.  All modems remain the property of MBC and should be returned to MBC upon disconnection.  Customers are responsible for the MBC equipment while it is issued to them.  MBC will replace equipment that does not function properly or fails as a result of normal operation.  Customers are responsible for MBC equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged.

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How can I learn when a power outage may impact my MBC services?

MBC provides advance notice by email to MBC customers impacted by scheduled power outages.  MBC will notify you if the outage will impact your MBC services or not.   MBC also has an ‘Alerts’ link on the homepage of the website.  MBC provides a list of upcoming outages via our Alerts page.  It is updated routinely for scheduled outages.  Unfortunately, there are unscheduled power outages where MBC does not receive advance notice.  If you are not receiving emails from MBC, please contact our customer care department to have your email added to our lists.

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My roommate has MBC service. Why can't I get my own account?

The MBC billing system can only support one active account per dwelling unit (home, barrack or billeting room).  MBC encourages customers sharing housing to work together to establish an account for the services they would like in the room.  Many roommates share the expense making MBC services more affordable.  MBC does support placing more than one person on the account for billing, support and payment.  The primary account holder must grant their permission.

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How do I make an ICE complaint?

The ICE complaint system is configured for official entities only and requires access using the NIPR network.  MBC and its personnel do not have access to NIPR.  If you have a complaint related to MBC services the proper process would be a complaint made directly to MBC.  If a customer care representative is not able to resolve your matter, you may elevate your complaint to the SR VP of Customer Care and then to the President/CEO.  If you are still not satisfied with the resolution presented you may elevate the matter to the franchising authority for the MBC franchise.

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After I disconnect service how long will it be before I get any credit refund?

Once you disconnect service and return all MBC issued equipment in good working condition, your services will be disconnected.  Your account will be billed on a prorated basis through that date.  If you have a debit balance, you will be expected to pay that balance at the time of disconnection.  If your account has a credit balance then the balance will be refunded to you within 30 days of your disconnection.  If your account has a credit card on file, your credit will be applied to the card on your account.  If you do not have a credit or debit card on file then you will be issued a refund check by mail.  Please make sure you provide the MBC customer care representative your forwarded mailing address.  If you do not receive your credit within 30 days of disconnection, please contact MBC.

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Do I need a VPN?

Generally speaking, MBC discourages its customers from establishing VPNs.  Many VPN services add cost to your service.  Most VPN configurations reduce or diminish the speed of your MBC services.  A primary reason VPN accounts were established in the past was to provide access to streaming video services like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime.  The MBC IP addresses are cleared for these popular services so that customers would not have to incur the cost, complexity and decreased network performance of a VPN.  MBC does not establish VPNs and our personnel are not trained to provide any support for VPNs.

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Do I have to sign a contract for services with MBC?

MBC customers are subject to the rules, regulations and procedures set forth under the documents referenced in the footer of the website.  These service agreements set forth your rights and obligations as a MBC customer.  MBC customers are not subject to a contract of any TERM.  You may disconnect your MBC services at any time you elect for any reason.  You will be billed for services from your date of activation to your date of disconnection only.

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Is my internet usage unlimited?

No.  Each MBC internet package comes with a generous data usage allowance for each month.  Visit the Internet portion of the site to learn the amount of data allowed for each MBC internet package.  Customers can also download the acceptable use policies from the link at the bottom the website.  You can monitor your usage throughout the month through the link provided on the Support portion of this site.  MBC also sends its customers notices throughout the month when their data usage reaches 50%, 75%, 90% and exceeds its data usage.  MBC’s acceptable use policies are established to support the usage patterns of over 97% of all MBC customers each month.

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How much SD or HD Netflix could I watch each month?

Customers may watch as much content through their MBC Internet connection as they want each month.  MBC does not limit access until a customer’s use becomes grossly egregious (in excess of 1TB of data in a month).  On average, 99.7% of all MBC customers use less than 1TB of data each month.

Each package of service has a data use limit as part of the service.  Use in excess of the data limits in a package is subject to excess use.  Many times customers can avoid excess use fees by purchasing the package that best meets their needs.

Based upon Netflix’s estimates for their SD and HD stream rates and MBC’s current data use plans, if customers ONLY watched Netflix during a given month, it is ESTIMATED that each plan would allow you to view the following amount of Netflix content without incurring excessive use fees.

Economy (300GB per month)

  • 9-10 hours of SD Netflix content per day, or
  • 2-3 hours of HD Netflix content per day

Performance (500GB per month)

  • 15-16 hours of SD Netflix content per day, or
  • 4-5 hours of HD Netflix content per day

Blast (1000GB/1TB per month)

  • 32-33 hours of SD Netflix content per day, or
  • 10-11 hours of HD Netflix content per day

Turbo (Unlimited)

  • As many hours of SD Netflix and HD Netflix content you need

MBC encourages our customers to select the Internet package that best represents the viewing habits of those persons who use your MBC Internet service.  Any use of other data services (gaming, shopping, online video, email, web browsing, etc) will impact the numbers provided above.  These numbers are only estimates and intended to be used as guidelines to assist customers who subscribe to and regularly watch Netflix to choose the package of service that best meets their needs.

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How Can I Control How Much Data Netflix Uses?

Watching movies or TV shows on Netflix uses about 1GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3GB per hour for each stream of HD video.

By default, Netflix sets all accounts to the highest stream rate.  It is possible for customers to exceed their monthly bandwidth data usage inadvertently because they were not aware of the default stream rate of their Netflix account.

Adjusting your data usage settings on your Netflix account is an easy way to reduce the amount of bandwidth used while watching Netflix.  There are four Netflix data usage settings to choose from.

  • Low (0.3 GB per hour)
  • Medium (SD:  0.7 GB per hour)
  • High (up to 3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for ultra HD)
  • Auto (adjusts automatically to the highest stream rate)

To select a setting that works best for your Internet package, navigate to the Your Account (https://movies.netflix.com/YourAccount) page and select Playback Settings in the Your Profile section.

Netflix also defaults to ‘Play the Next Episode Automatically’.  It is recommended that you deselect this option.  Some customers may fall asleep watching Netflix only to wake up the next morning and find they have streamed several hours of content that they did not watch.

It can take up to 8 hours for these changes to take effect.

Data usage settings only apply to the Netflix profile you are in when you set them, meaning you can have different data usage settings for each profile.  If you are concerned about the total amount of data that Netflix uses in your home, make sure to change these settings for each profile that may be using your internet service.

Much like how leaving your water turned on impacts the cost of water or leaving lights on in your home that you don’t need impacts the cost of electricity, the stream rate and duration of streaming impacts your data usage and your overall cost of Internet service.

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Why do you require the last six digits of my military ID or social security number?

Federal cable TV rules require that MBC protect the privacy of your customer information used by MBC to deliver your services.  MBC requires six digits so that MBC can establish a unique personal identification number.  MBC customer care personnel will ask that you provide the last four digits of your number when you contact our offices.  If you cannot provide this information then MBC will not allow any changes to be made to your account.  This is done for your protection as a MBC customer especially in shared housing areas where more than one person may be using MBC services.

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Can I choose a payment date?

No.  All MBC customers are billed on the first of each month and all MBC bills are due on the 2nd day of the month.

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Why do I have to use the MBC Speed Test?

MBC has a speed test site, mbc.speedtestcustom.com.  The speed test is connected to our network at the last location before we hand your traffic off to the world wide web.  MBC can only be responsible for and resolve speed related issues across its network where MBC owns or controls the network.  MBC cannot resolve any issues beyond its network.  Speed performance is driven by many factors.  A customer’s speed of their internet will be no faster than the slowest portion of the full connection.  That includes a customer’s computer equipment, their home wiring, or the MBC distribution network.

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Why can I install MBC services in some locations while other locations require a MBC assisted installation?

In most housing locations on the bases, MBC supports self-installation.  If you reside in one of these locations, you may pick up MBC equipment from any MBC office and complete the installation of services yourself.  MBC provides self-installation guides for all equipment.  If you need any assistance with your installation you may request a service technician to complete the installation in your residence.  In some housing locations, MBC cannot support self-installation based upon the type of housing and the condition of the wiring in the building.  When a technician is requested or required, MBC’s standard installation fee may apply.  MBC customer care personnel can assist you to know if your building supports self-installation or an assisted installation.

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How do I schedule a service appointment by a MBC technician?

MBC is committed to providing you with the highest quality cable TV and Internet services.  However, we understand that sometimes a problem may arise.  If you experience any type of service related issues, MBC is here to assist you.  Please report your service problem immediately to MBC.  You may report your service problem in person at any MBC office, by phone to our telephone support desk, by email at info@mediattimail.net or by entering a trouble ticket online at this website.  If the problem cannot be resolved by one of our customer care personnel, then a service appointment will be scheduled with you in your residence at your convenience.  MBC does not charge its customers for service calls if the problem is related to the MBC distribution network or as a result of MBC equipment failure due to normal operation.  If you fail to be present for the scheduled service appointment or if the problem is a result of customer-owned equipment or customer damage to MBC issued equipment, then you may be subject to MBC’s standard service call fee.

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How do I suspend my MBC Services?

If you are going TAD/TDY or planning an extended absence you may suspend your billing with MBC during that absence.  MBC allows customers in suspend status to keep all MBC equipment installed in their residence and suspend their monthly billing for services.  Customers in suspend status remain responsible for MBC issued equipment including any loss or damage.  To suspend your service you must make your request in advance of your departure and provide the estimated date for reactivation.  To be in suspended status you must have a valid email address on file, have a credit or debit card on file and be enrolled in AutoPay.  MBC will only support a request for suspension if, during the period of suspension, no other persons(s) will be occupying your residence (building and room number).  MBC can only support one active (or suspended) account per residence.  If an account is on suspended status and a request for new service is made for the same residence, then MBC will force disconnect the suspended account to honor the request for the new service connection.  In this circumstance, the suspended account will receive a final billing, posted to the debit or credit card on file, including charges for non-recovered MBC equipment.

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Can I change the password on MBC's wireless modems?

MBC’s wireless modems come with a default SSID and Password.  The default information is provided to you at the time the equipment is issued.  Customers are strongly encouraged to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and change the name of the network and the password.  Keep the password information in a secure location for future reference.

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Can I get MBC services off base?

No.  MBC only provides its services to customers who reside on one of the U.S. military installations in Okinawa.

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