Internet with Wired Modem


View PDF: Internet with Wired Modem

1. Locate the wall plate with the coax connection. In some barracks, the coax connection is a cable coming from the ceiling.

2. Connect the coax cable provided to the coax connector on the modem and the wall plate. Tighten the cable with your fingers and then use the wrench provided to tighten 1/4 turn.

3. Connect the power cord to the modem and an electrical outlet.

4. After approximately five minutes, all lights on the modem, except the LINK light, will be on and steady indicating the modem is on-line an connected to the Internet. If your modem does not come on-line, look for another coax outlet in the room and connect to that outlet.

5. Connect the ethernet cable to provided to the modem and your computer or personal wireless router. The LINK light on the modem will turn on and be solid. It will flash when data is being transmitted.

6. If you have connected your modem to a personal wireless router, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to configure your network and connect your wireless devices. For the best performance, gaming consoles should be connected directly to your network via Ethernet cable.

7. To verify your Internet service, see the Test Your Internet Speed instructions.