Cable TV with HD Set-Top Box

View PDF: Cable TV with HD Set-Top Box Instructions

1. Attach the filter provided to the RF IN labeled coax connection on the back of the HD Set Top Box. Hand tighten ONLY. Do NOT overtighten.

2. Locate the coax wall plate where you want to install your HD Digital Cable TV service. In some barracks, the coax connection is a cable coming from the ceiling.

3. Connect the coax cable provided to the filter connected to the back of the HD Set Top Box in step 1 and the wall plate. Tighten the cable with your fingers and then use the wrench provided to tighten ¼ turn.

4. Connect the power cord to the HD Set Top Box and an electrical outlet. Turn on the HD Set Top Box power.

5. Connect the HD Set Top Box and your TV using the HDMI cord provided.

6. Turn your TV on. Set your TV input to the appropriate HDMI input.

7. If you do not have any TV service:
a. check all connections
b. confirm that the HD Set Top Box is powered on
c. confirm that your TV is powered on and the proper HDMI is selected
d. connect to and select another HDMI input on your TV

8. If TV service is still not working, select another coax outlet in the room and connect to that outlet.

9. To program the MBC remote, see the Universal Remote Set-Up Instructions.