Disney+ Now Available

We shared your signatures and comments with Disney. And… they listened!

Thanks to the efforts of everyone who signed and shared the petition, Disney+ is now available to all MBC customers who subscribe to the service. VPNs are no longer needed to access Disney+.* Also, a big THANK YOU to Disney for listening to the military community and taking action to support our military members and their families.



1. The app is still saying it’s region blocked on my cell phone. Why is that?

Some devices such as cell phones may require a restart in order for the app to work.

2. I can’t find the app on my Smart TV. How do I find it?

Unfortunately, some Smart TVs are not compatible with the Disney+ app. If you are unable to find the Disney+ app on your TV, please research the model year and number to see if it is compatible with the app.

3. Do Hulu Live and ESPN work with Disney+?

Unfortunately, Hulu Live and ESPN are not eligible for whitelisting. 

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