Bill Pay

[billpay]MBC accepts payments in US currency only.
MBC customers can pay their bills in any one of a number of convenient ways: [/billpay]


AutoPay:  Customers may place a credit or debit card on file with MBC.  MBC will debit the card on file on the 2nd day of each month for the balance due on the account.

Online:  Customers may click HERE to pay their bill using a credit card or debit card.

In Person:  Customers may visit any MBC office during normal hours and pay their bill by cash, check and debit or credit card.

By Phone:  Customer may contact MBC during its telephone support hours and pay their bill by credit or debit card.

Drop Boxes:  Customers may also pay by check at the Kadena office drop box.  Payments deposited in the drop box will be credited to the customer’s account during the next regularly scheduled workday.