Kadena/Lester Service and Power Outage- Starts 2/15 at 2100

Base Command has announced the following scheduled electrical power outages.

Installations Affected:
Kadena Air Base
Camp Lester

MBC Service Outage Starts:
Saturday, 15 February at 2100 (Power outage starts at 2200)
MBC Service Outage Ends:
Sunday, 16 February at 0700 (Power outage ends at 0600)

It is possible that select portions of Kadena and Camp Lester may still have power, but will not have MBC services.

We advise all customers take precautions in case of a power surge by unplugging their MBC equipment, TVs, computers, gaming systems, etc. When plugging in equipment after the power returns, MBC services may not yet be active. It may take up to an hour for MBC services to return after the outage is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.